Art 4 Tomorrow

The cultural project connecting San Francesco Village and BiVillage

We asked two artists to interpret this journey, drawing a path between Italy and Croatia

An invisible line that unites, through water, two nations and in particular two seaside towns.

Enrico Marcato and Monica Patrovic, are the artists who have been selected to draw this line between Italy and Croatia as part of the “Art 4 Tomorrow” project initiated by BiHoliday.

Venetian “briccole” at the BiVillage

Discover here Enrico Marcato’s project for the BiVillage, in Croatia.

From Croatia to Italy, by “boat”

We now move to Croatia where we meet Monica Petrovic.

A painter and restorer, working at the Archaeological Museum of Istria. In addition to this activity, she combines the creation of works of art, in particular through painting. She was asked to give new life to a “batana”.

What is a “batana”?

It is a small flat-bottomed boat characterised by very low banks. It is moved by rowing or by hoisting a mast with a so-called lug sail. It is typical for navigation in the northern Adriatic because its flat bottom enables it to navigate very shallow waters.

Painting has always fascinated me

explains the artist, emphasising that “working on the transformation of the boat was a great challenge”.

As a matter of fact, once the colours and shapes to be drawn were decided, the work was done with the boat upside down.

So it was necessary to imagine the end result “straight” and then put it on the upside-down “batana”.

The central element of this art project – as already emphasised – is cultural exchange: the boat built in Fažana is now in Caorle, at the San Francesco Village, and Marcato’s “briccole” in Fažana at the BiVillage.

A beautiful friendship, the one between Italy and Croatia: the sea connects us, but not only.

The Art-Activism of BiHoliday

Art, history and the concept of travel: a great cultural mix that finds its expression in this project: “BiHoliday embraces art,” explains Ilenia Cherubin, Bi-Holiday Group CEO, “as a language of values. As well as expressing the kind of Art-Activism that allows us to talk about socially important topics today“.

Among them BiHoliday emphasises the value of a territory and its respect with everything that is related to, for example, reuse“.


Enrico Marcato

Enrico Marcato, 47 anni, vive tra Padova e Venezia, dove ha l’atelier. A Venezia ha studiato all’Accademia di Belle Arti.

Ha lavorato come artigiano e portato avanti la sua passione per la pittura.

Successivamente un’intuizione che lo ha portato a lavorare sulla briccole. Tra i primi a credere nelle sue opere Arrigo Cipriani dell’Harry’s Bar.