Company welfare services for companies and employees

For over 50 years we’ve been working in the leisure and holiday sector, serving as organizers for recreational, sports and free time activities, the most important qualities of our touristic offer. Now we have the pleasure to put our long and rich experience, combined with the special attention we give to customer care, at disposal of companies and employees and offer them the opportunity to make use of company welfare services and personalized agreements.

What do we offer?

We offer solutions that efficiently respond to the needs of those companies that wish to promote company welfare, increasing their collaborators’ motivation and engagement level.

Tailor made company welfare plan

We offer tailor made benefits able to suit the needs of employees who will be able to personalize their offer by choosing goods and services within the proposed company budget.

Holiday packages as a prize or bonus

We offer the possibility for the companies to purchase holiday packages which can be assigned as a prize or a bonus to their employees for a holiday to spend with their families at our facility.
A service in favour of companies and employees that will be able to benefit from tax and contributions relief.
The parameters and supply methods will be evaluated in mutual agreement based on the needs of the company.

A location for team building, workshops and events

Bi Holiday group offers various alternatives to choose from in organizing team building, workshops and other events, aiming to promote teamwork and harmony inside a group of co-workers.
This is the ideal environment for creating a cohesive and close-knit working group.
Contact us and together we’ll select the best location to suit your needs.

Summer stays agreements

Bi Holiday group offers a company welfare solution designed specifically for employees of those companies that made an agreement with us.
We offer the possibility to use discounts and offers on bookings made for stays at our facility.

Rely on a team of professionals, they’ll be able to suit your company’s needs and offer you a specific solution.

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