Values that guide us

Bi Holiday has always been attentive to the welfare and satisfaction of its guests, to the professional growth of its employees and collaborators by promoting an ethical codex and values that are fundamental to company culture.

The values of Bi Holiday are:

Customer satisfaction

Flexibility and dynamism are best practice that distinguish Bi Holiday Group.

We’re always ready to listen to our clients’ and collaborators’ requests in order to anticipate their needs and exceed their expectations.


Bi Holiday shares the principles of social inclusion by promoting a type of hospitality that is accessible to everyone.

All the services and facilities guarantee a stay in an obstacle-free environment and ensure a high level of autonomy.


Our company cares about sustainability and green development because it’s aware of the role it plays in the region.

That’s why, year after year, we constantly invest in environmental protection under every aspect, both in terms of management and innovation.

This year we received the certificate of energy origin again: 100% renewable, covered by Guarantees of Origin and certified by TÜV SÜD.


Understanding, trust, collaboration and enthusiasm are the ingredients that determine our business success. The capability to work as a team, not only among us, but also with our collaborators and clients, favours the creation of an involving atmosphere capable of promoting a high level of cooperation aimed to achieve the proposed targets.

Design Thinking

Our clients’ dreams and wishes are at the centre of our company targets. A human-centred approach enables the realisation of new ideas and solutions.


We guarantee the quality and the attention to details in every project.

Starting from the attention to our client’s needs, our team of professionals will support our client in every step to guarantee the success of every event.

Our diverse skills and a wide variety of contacts guarantee the best solutions when choosing location, accommodation and entertainment, as well as catering and sports and leisure components.